Mar 5

Update on Product Pathways

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📣 Update on Product Pathways 📣

As some of you might know, I silently launched Product Pathways about a year ago. I launched the site as a pre-register to test the market and see if there was any interest. Whilst in the background I would begin to build out the first set of courses.

I intended to run this experiment for a few months all going well – which it did - I got 300+ signups pretty quickly which further validated Product Pathway’s value prop.

However what I didn’t account for was for last year to become the busiest year of my working career to date.

Not only did boarders open and I found myself on a plane again running workshops, talks and training for clients overseas and locally. I also did almost 30x talks between webinars, meetups, conferences and internal events.

Another dimension on the personal side that I didn’t account for was the house I was building. Covid started off ok (least here) but lock downs and supply chain issues meant that we ended up moving into our new home almost 8 months later than anticipated.

The new home was part of the strategy with a proper study which I could deck out to record all the content for Product Pathways.  Unfortunately all of that has meant that progress has been slow.   

But I have good news.

I am still working hard to get the first couple of courses out the door and to you asap.

The first drop will be 3 courses:

✅ Prioritzation essentials
✅ Stakeholder Management essentials
✅ And for those starting a new job, there will also be a course on tackling your first 90 days like a pro.

I also want to extend a thank you to all those who registered!

I apologize for keeping you in the dark for some time – I know several of you reached out to me! Thank you for that also.

And thank you to all those who have upvoted a course on the public roadmap! I’ve been working from that as an input into prioritising which course to drop in which order – so thank you.

Upvote courses on the Public Roadmap here 👉 Go to Public Roadmap
This helps me enormously when it comes to prioritising which course to work on next 😊  
Anyone who hasn’t already pre-registered. Please do. I’ll be sure to give everyone on that waitlist a discount code as when the first drop comes out in the next couple of weeks. There may also be a free course or two up for grabs – Let’s see! 

Thank you again for the patience and support.

I look forward to the first couple of courses dropping and iterating based on feedback. 

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Thank you!
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