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Opportunity Canvas by Ant Murphy

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Opportunity Canvas by Ant Murphy

Here is a light weight alternative to Jeff Patton's Opportunity canvas.

After using Jeff Patton's Opportunity Canvas, and other canvas' such as the Lean Canvas and Business Model canvas for years and with clients, Ant Murphy, founder of Product Pathways and Product Coach, found the canvas can often be a big ask to complete. Especially those who aren't well versed in product.

Further, not every quadrant is relevant all the time — some are very stable and don't change much, like ‘Budget’.

As such the Opp Canvas 2.0 trims it down to just 5 core sections.

The Opp Canvas 2.0

This is also generally the order I fill it out in.The opportunity canvas breaks down into 5 key quadrants:
  1. Problem Statement: HMW (‘How Might We’) format.
  2. Users and Customers: who’s it for? Specific is generally better here and doesn’t need to be contained to just end-users, depending on your product it may even be internal users for platform/internal product teams.
  3. Supporting Data: both qualitative and quantitative data that supports this opportunity.
  4. Your Hunch: how do you interpret the data and what your hypothesis as a result?
  5. Expected benefits: this is the measurable outcomes you’re hoping for. The benefits are not exclusive to end users, I’d expect to see internal benefits here as well.

This is also generally the order I fill it out in.
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