How to Expense Product Pathway courses

Did you know that 60% of Product Pathway students expense their course.
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Many companies offer training budgets. Why not leverage yours? Below it a guide to getting your course expensed.

Here's an email template you can send to your manager for approval.

Ways to Expense Product Pathway Courses

Option 1: Corporate Credit Card

One of the easiest ways to expense your course is to get work to pay for it in the first place. Depending on your arrangement you may be able to seek approval from your manager (see the email above) and then use the corporate credit card to complete your purchase.

Don't forget that you will receive an invoice after purchasing a course. Most companies will need to keep that as a record of the purchase so don't forget to forward the invoice to you manager.

Option 2: Reimbursement 

Alternatively you may be able to purchase the course yourself and then expense it back to your employer.

Whilst this requires you to pay up front it can often be easier as in some cases you may not need to seek approval first.

Once you've purchased your course(s) typically you can either forward this invoice to your manager or simply upload it to the necessary system for reimbursement.

Option 3: Remittence Invoice

Lastly, your company may require payment to be made via remittence invoice. This simply means they need to get invoiced first before they can release the payment. If your company needs this please reach out to us via email at

Certificate of Completion

At the completion of the course you will receive a personalised certificate of completion that proves you completed the course.

The certificate will include your name, the course title, date and will be signed by your instructor.

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