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Product Scorecard

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A scorecard designed for Product Managers and Founders to reflect on their product's performance across several categories.
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Product Scorecard

Who is this for? 

The product scorecard is for Product Managers and Founders to reflect on their product's performance across several categories (Users, Market, Quality, Strategy and Operations)

How does it work?

The scorecard contains several categories within which there are several dimensions. For each dimension you will be asked to rate yourself against a scale of 0-5.

Each rating will have an example of what that rating would be. Pick the best rating that reflects your product and put that number in the 'Rating' column on the right.

The scorecard will then tally up each of these ratings and reflect your scores back in the 'Results' tab.

How do I fill in the scorecard?

Completing the scorecard is simple.

Download or save a copy of the Google Sheet and then walkthrough each of the categories below giving yourself a score from 0-5 in the 'Rating' column on the right.

Each dimension has examples for each score (i.e. an example of what a 1 might be vs a 5).

Once complete you will find your final scores visualised on the 'Results' sheet (which should look like the below)

What do the scores mean?

Keep in mind that the scorecard is a self-rating activity. This means it's not perfect but that doesn't mean it's not valuable.

The intent is to playback your self-assessment on what areas of the product are performing well vs others.

You may choose to include others to get a wider range of inputs.
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