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Survey Guide Template

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A template for planning and running customer surveys.

Survey Guide

🔨Problem Statement

How Might We.....

[alternatively link to the opportunity that this relates to]


We believe that…….

🎯Survey Size

[Calculate ideal sample size to ensure that your survey results are statistically significant. You can use the following sample size calculator:

Population size Confidence Error Margin Ideal Sample Size

đź’µSurvey Incentive

What incentive (if any) will you offer participants to complete the survey?

e.g. We will run a competition where anyone who completes the survey will go into a draw to win $500.

⏱️Timings and Constraints

What timings and constraints might you have with the survey?

- Participants can only complete the survey once. This will be governed by needing to input their email and name.
- Participants will have until the 31st of March to complete the survey.
- We will send a reminder to those who have not participated 2 weeks, 1 week and 2 days out from the survey close date.


How do you intend to distribute the survey? And in what format?

- Do you intent to email it to all your existing customers? Or perhaps broadcast it on socials? 
- Is the survey going to be a Google Form, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, etc? Are their any restrictions you need to be aware of that might impact how we distribute the survey (licensing limitations, access, etc)

🧪Survey Design

Contextual Questions:

Question AnswersNotes
e.g. What do you do for work? Options:
- Engineering
- Product Management
- Sales
- Marketing
- Customer Support
- General Management
- Trade (i.e. Electrician) 
- other [free text]
Gather data on different professions for segmentation.

Core Questions:

Assumption being tested Question Answers Notes
People experience difficulty finding gifts for regular events like Mother's Day. Do you celebrate mothers day? Yes/No

How much did you spend on the last Mother's Day gift? $ input Input into approximate spend per customer to understand opportunity/market size

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