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User Interview Guide

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A template for planning and crafting interview questions and design for conducting user interviews.

Interview Guide

🔨Problem Statement

How Might We.....

[alternatively link to the opportunity that this relates to]


What is the goal of the user interview? What does success look like?

🎯Target User(s)

Who are your ideal users to interview? This could be one of more user segments - for example you may want to interview both existing users as well as non-users.

🎙️Interview Questions

The table below is used to define and track the questions you intent to ask in the interview and what assumption they map against that you are trying to test with the question(s).

Contextual/Introduction Questions
This section should contain opening contextual questions and ease into the interview. Should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Interview QuestionsResponseNotes
e.g. What do you do for a living?

Core Questions
This section should be the bulk of the interview. The questions here should be directly linked to the assumptions you are trying to test. You may want to ask multiple questions for the one assumption.

AssumptionInterview QuestionsResponse
e.g. User find it difficult to _____e.g. Can you tell me about a time when you needed to _______

👥People to Interview

The table below is used to define and track who you are going to interview. Feel free to change the information in the columns, ideally these should align to traits based on how you segmented your market. Status is used to track whether they’ve been scheduled for an interview, interviewed or have pulled out, etc.

Who [Attribute 1]
[Attribute 2]
Company Size
[Attribute 3]
Sandra Group PM 500 Germany Scheduled 7th Aug 2023
Joe Snr PM 10,000 USA Contacted
Alia CPO 140 USA Interviewed

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