Advanced Prioritization Frameworks

Dive into advance prioritization techniques such as Kano Model and Cost of Delay.
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Master Prioritization

Product development regularly means we find ourselves with a hundred ideas but not enough time or people to execute them. Product veterans have experienced their fair-share of this and know the solution relies on ruthless prioritization.

However, there are many prioritization frameworks out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This course aims to remove the noise and hone in on the essentials of prioritization for Product Managers.
  • Ideal for Intermediate and Senior Product Managers.
  • Learn advanced prioritization techniques such as Cost of Delay and Opportunity cost
  • Learn whether you should use one or multiple prioritization frameworks
  • Learn how to prioritize in non-ideal environments

Course Lessons

Meet your instructor

Ant Murphy

Ant is a founding member and Director of the Association of Product Professionals. A global industry body for Product People.

A seasoned Product Leader he has worked across startups all the way to large enterprises. He has shipped products for Media, Healthcare, FinTech and even AI/Machine Learning companies.

Today, Ant works with Product Managers, Leaders and companies to help them succeed in product.

He has coached 100s of Product Managers globally who have gone on to have successful careers at Google, Atlassian, TomTom, etc.

An international keynote speaker and writer, his blog attracts over 70k views per month.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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