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Product Strategy Document Template

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Document your Product Strategy with this Product Strategy Template.
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Product Strategy Document Template

[Product] Strategy 

State of the Market: 
What is the data and research telling us? Who are our target market segments? Who are our direct and indirect competitors? How are they positioned in the market, where do we believe they are heading, what assumptions are we making about the market and what beliefs do we have about it, etc…

State of the Business: 
State of the business, what the data is telling us from how we are performing, what assumptions are we making about the business currently, what are our current goals and business strategy?

State of the Product: 
What is our current aspiration, what is our positioning in the market, how are we performing, what is our core value proposition, etc…

Product Principles:
What are our key guiding principles for the product — what are we and what are we not?

Strategic Theme #1: 
- what is it?
- who is it for?
- why do we believe we should do it?
- how does it support the business strategy/goals and what are the OKRs for it?
- etc

Strategic Theme #2:

Strategic Theme #…

Pricing and business model: 
How are we going to price the product, what’s our revenue model, how are we choosing to build a sustainable business model?

Any other relevant materials, data, research, insights, roadmap, etc.
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