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Deep dive into specific topics such as Product Strategy | Deep dive into specific topics such as Stakeholder Management | Deep dive into specific topics such as Prioritization | Deep dive into specific topics such as Conflict Resolution | Deep dive into specific topics such as Product Discovery 
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Don't pay thousands for a 2-3 day courses where only a handful of topics are relevant to you. With short courses in specific topics, pay only for what's relevant to you.

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Go deep into topics. For example, learn advanced Stakeholder Management techniques through courses on Conflict Resolution and Persuasion.

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Our courses are short and focused on specific topics so you're in control of your own learning pathway.
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We know that product is hard and not like the books.

We're proud to have created courses that are inclusive of non product-led environments.

 No Fluff.

Every Product Pathway courses includes a industry guest speaker and specific content on dealing with non product-led environments.

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No ongoing subscription or fees. Once you've bought the course you have access for its lifetime.

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We continuously iterate on our courses based on feedback. Any future updates will be available to you.
I believe the secret to building amazing products is building amazing product people. I truly believe that we create a meaningful impact in the world through our products. My mission is to amplify this impact by building a new generation of amazing product people!

Ant Murphy, Founder of Product Pathways

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Adaptive Skills

Stakeholder Management, Leadership, People Management, Collaboration, Facilitation, etc

Product Strategy
& Roadmaps

Product Strategy, Visioning, Building Strategic Alignment, Product Metrics, Product Roadmaps, etc

Product Discovery

Customer Interviews, Market Analysis, User Testing, Customer Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Market Segmentation, etc

Agile &
Product Delivery

Agile Development, Product Requirements, Prioritization, 
Backlog Management,
Dual Track Agile, etc

Business Acumen
& Pricing

Business Models, Product Pricing, Buy vs Build, etc

Go-to-Market & Marketing

Go-to-Market Strategies, Product Launches, Operational Readiness, Marketing, etc

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